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What Is Stereo?

I've had this grandiose notion I would scan dozens of samples of my personal stereo photos, to go along with the dozens of samples from my vintage photo collection. Rrrrrriiiiiiigggghhhht! Maybe after I retire. Someone on the Yahoo 3d-collector group was asking about air show photos, so I've dragged my lazy backside off the couch and, for the first time ever, scanned a couple of modern stereos. Film scanners are a major pain. Why is that? Now, to piss everyone off, I am only posting pairs for parallel viewing.

Reno Air Race Stereo Photos

Reno Baby!

To win the Gold Unlimited final race at Reno, your airplane/pilot combination must be willing and able to fly in excess of 500mph, over rough desert terrain, at an altitude of 100 feet.

Formula 1 Stereo Photo

Automotive Stuff

When it takes four guys to start one car, you know there's some serious schmidt going on. I love auto racing, and am equally happy at a Formula 1 race or the local 1/4 mile dirt track. In fact, within a two week stretch I have drunk champaign on a balcony at Monaco, and sat in bleachers drinking tubs of Budweiser at the Santa Maria Speedway.

Santa Barbara Fire Base Stereo Photo

Santa Barbara Fire Base

If only I had known. Owing to the need for "security," this view is now blocked by an eight foot fence. As if any self respecting terrorist would bother with a podunk airport like Santa Barbara. More importantly, we have recently seen the demise of piston driven fire fighting in southern California. Only wish I were old enough to have been taking pictures when they were flying TBMs and Tigercats.

Stereo Photos of Trains


All right, so technically this is a street car. It just happens to be the first "train related" stereo pair I have scanned. Others should follow. I'm not a huge rail fan per se, but my uncle owned several pieces of rail equipment, and I do love just about anything mechanical.




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