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5 Perf Viewers
We will most likely be shooting color slide film, so an appropriate viewer is a must. Two good choices are the dual current Kodaslide II at around $75-125, and the under $100 battery powered Realist Red Button. Avoid the Kodaslide I. One advantage of the Realist Red button is it can be comfortably widened to 7 perf, and even stretched to view 8 perf images. The Kodaslide is an excellent choice if you want AC power. Just make sure it includes the AC and DC power adaptors when purchased.

AC/DC powered Kodaslide II.

Realist Red Button

7 Perf Cameras
If 5 perf images have a drawback, it was the narrow portrait format. Most of life happens in the horizontal plain. 7 perf cameras, pioneered by the Verascope f40, are known as European format. Some folks will howl about my choice of a modified Realist over the Verascope f40, but I would rather display the Verascope as a significant collectable, and beat up the far more common and very reliable Realist.

The Zeiss lensed Belplasca probably gets more kudos for image quality than it deserves, but overall it's an excellent choice for shooting stereo. Prices are volatile. In the current market, expect to pay around $350-600. Belplascas have two issues. First is a tendency for the viewfinder to fog up over time. Ask about this when buying a camera. One of mine is fogged, and while the camera is still perfectly usable, it can be annoying. The other bug is a lack of camera strap lugs. Collectors may be horrified at the thought of hanging a Belplasca on a strap, but real world photography demands a certain level of convenience and using the original case or a camera bag all the time is a significant nuisance. A modern zippered hip holster style bag is the best bet.

There is no doubt a modified Realist ends up more expensive than simply buying and fixing a Verascope. However, I feel the Verascope is more valuable as a collectible. There are more Realist 2.8s floating around than all the Verascopes and Belplascas combined. Realist modifications are performed by Jon Slivon at JRS Designs. Jon's conversion is clever and reliable. A 7 perf Realist was my every day camera until I stepped up to an RBT, and I would highly recommend this choice to anyone not ready to invest $3,000 in an RBT.


Realist f2.8 Model w/Jon Slivon 7p Conversion

7 Perf Viewers
Viewer choices get a little tricky. There weren't many offered, especially in the US. Best bets include a modified Realist Red button, or a modern viewer like the de Wijs. The red button will have to be widened out to 7 perf. This can be done by folks like Dr. T, or you can buy instructions on how to do it at home. A semi-clever person with a Dremel tool can easily figure this out on his own. Jon Golden offers a variety of modern viewers, from cheap plastic up to high end pieces like the De Wijs.

Realist Red Button modified to 7 perf.

Hugo de Wijs viewer with accessory light box.