There were fundamental differences in the Model Mechanique's operation. On the standard Taxiphote, opening the door automatically lowered the slide being viewed back down into the tray. The user could then simply declutch the mechanism by pressing in on the counter, located on the left side of the cabinet, and move the slide tray forward or back. The Model Mechanique has a warning message inside the door explaining how to declutch and move the tray. The problem being, the only way to return a slide to the tray was by turning the handle. What's more, the handle had to be in the exact right position or mechanism would not declutch. There is a definite click felt through the handle when the slide reaches its viewing position, but the down position is much harder to gauge. Another interesting feature is the aluminum mask visible on the door. In the standard model, slides moved vertically. Having images up and down into view is no problem, however, the fore and aft movement of the slide in the Mechanique was unpleasant. To cure this, a translucent mask was raised up to cover the eye pieces while the slide was being changed.