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Although magic lantern projectionists were long since familiar with the concept of anaglyphic 3D projection, I haven't seen any information on who might have been first to build a dedicated stereo projector. In the 19th century, twined magic lanterns would be used with red/blue or red/green filters to project stereo images, but when did someone hit on the idea of building a dedicated unit?

Shortly after introducing the Taxiphote, Richard produced an amazing (if not outright frightening) arc lamp light source for projecting images from a Taxiphote cabinet. However, this system was not stereo, being designed to project a single image. An example of this magnificent beast may be seen at the fantastic Welt der Stereoskopie web site. It's hard to imagine owning a home arc light today, but then things have changed.

At some point Gaumont decided to adapt the Sterodrome for anaglyph stereo projection using the kit seen here. Unfortunately, I don't have any literature on this device, so have no idea of its vintage, although Stereoskopie places his example c.1915. Having studied the photos of his kit, I would say they were built to a standard design, but wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn they were hand built to order. There are subtle differences between the assmbly of his and mine which look like the random hacking of bits in the process of building each individual kit.

Gaumont Stereodrome Anaglyph Projector


Gaumont Anaglyph Projector


Stereodrome Projection Unit


Gaumont Anaglyphic Projection kit


Stereodrome Anaglyph Projection kit