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From German POWs breaking rocks in a quarry, to a distant shot of an observation balloon being shot down in flames, a French officer recorded his travels throughout the war. While commercial photographers gravitated toward the sensational - dead bodies and blasted towns - private individuals documented their daily lives. In many ways, these make for the most interesting record of the times.

The set consists of about 340 6x13 slides. Although the set came in their original glass plate boxes, I transferred the most interesting 300 of them to a Taxiphote. Normally I wouldn't do this, but they are just too interesting to leave hidden in boxes.

French Neuprt 7 The Neuport 7 equipped the first American volunteer squadrons, before the US entered the war. Although a decent plane, it suffered one fatal design flaw. The narrow chord lower wing was only supported in one spot by the V shaped strut. This combination of features allowed the lower wing to twist, and many aircraft were lost due to structural failure of the wing.

Ouch! I can't recognize the type from the wreckage, but the amount of wing area suggests this may have been a trainer. Several of the boxed slides are numbered, and include written descriptions in French. Can anyone help me translate? The paper is dated 20-30 August, 1917.
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