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French Officer's Personal Photos

Personal Stereos of an English Medical Officer

Early in the conflict, a British medical officer (name lost to history), with stereo camera in hand, shipped across the Channel. He recorded his immediate surroundings in 1914/15, but as the war heated up the camera was put aside, and no further shots were made until 1918.

Before leaving France, he visited an aerodrome and a tank depot. By this time he must have had some pull, as the aerodrome visit included a ride in a Handley Page bomber. The visit to the tank depot included a live fire demonstration. I doubt these activities were open to just anyone.

The slide collection consists of several hundred images. As ever, the process of sorting, choosing and scanning a good representative sample is beyond the scope of available time. Sadly, many fascinating images just don't translate to the computer screen. I'm reproducing the slides here as large as I deem practical for free viewing. The originals are in 45x107 format. They came in a Taxiphote with an unusual English language instruction placard, and a six drawer base storage cabinet.

Its impossible to tell on screen, but this is an intentional double exposure. The same man sitting at the table is also visible through the doorway. I believe the setting is a hospital train interior. I had viewed this image several times in the Taxiphote before realizing what it was.
Trench foot? Frostbite? Who knows, but it rated a piggyback ride.
WWI Handley Page Bomber The caption pretty much sums it up. He is sitting in the front gunner's position on a Handley Page bomber, somewhere over France. The view is from the cockpit. One must assume this photo was taken after the Armistice. Sadly, it's just not possible to present all the image detail here. Viewed in a Taxiphote, one can clearly see his right eye staring straight at the camera.