Located across from Richard's townhouse in Paris, L'Atrium was a studio constructed for the purpose of receiving and photographing young women. According to Tomas Weynants on his excellent web site, Visual Media, the greek theme was employed to give otherwise pornographic images (by the standards of their time) an air of artistic acceptability. According to my French source, L'Atrium was "destroyed" in 1937. The use of the word destroyed may not be the best English translation. He may have merely meant it was torn down. If anyone has more information on this I would appreciate the input. This selection of photos was taken by Jules Richard himself, circa 1908-1910. The second image, labeled 19, is different and may have been accidentally included in this group. When I received the slides, they were in Taxiphote trays and I may have moved a couple before realizing how the various groups were segregated within the trays.

Jules Richard Nudes L'Atrium

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