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Represented here may well be the most interesting set of stereos in the collection. For the most part they are close-ups, with all the attendant perspective problems. The mounts are beat up and the film chips are warped and dirty. Perhaps the best thing would be to remount them in glass. Typically, they are unlabeled, leaving the viewer to wonder at the nature of the event. Clearly, this was a special occasion or holiday. The one fact I do know is they were taken in New Guinea, most likely in the early to mid 1950s, and the set was purchased out of Australia. Could this have been the only time the camera was used? One would like to hope a more experienced stereo photographer would have known to back away from the subjects. Perhaps this was their first time, or maybe they had little choice in the matter. Whatever the problems and circumstances, they are truly remarkable photos. My nose hurts just looking at them.

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