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Dear Mr. Cow, the man to your right - the one with the axe - is not, I repeat, not your friend.

Its Tuesday, must be mattress stuffing day!

Both sides acknowledged death, but whereas the Allies typically showed memorials or graveyards, this German photo of a worker sealing a coffin is unusual. The slide is labeled "Verlöten eines Heldensarges für die Heimat." According to babblefish, this translates to "Soldier hero-bad for the homeland." Even without the translation its apparent this is a nicer than normal coffin.

Exzellenz von Westernhage. The forest shots are particularly interesting in that they are still forests. Photos from the Allied perspective invariably show pockmarked land and shattered stumps, which used to be a forest.

Anyone call for a brass band?

Excellenz von Gossler and his staff. Seeing an image like this one in full size, when their eyes and expressions are clearly visible, is quite affecting. History books, film and photos all show images of men like these, but seeing them in stereo is different. Every man in every one of these photos is dead, and yet they seem alive and aware when you study them in stereo.

Finally, we have some rifles. The translation program kicked out garbage on this one's caption. The rifles are mostly Mauser model 98s with a couple of the old 1888 Commission rifles thrown in. In the same condition today they would probably fetch $500-1,000 each. The structure is an interesting combination of steel beams and logs. There's also a small brick chimney behind the rack on the left.