I count myself as fortunate to have talked the owner out of this particular set. The photos were taken by an amateur, but his production values were higher than those typically encountered among amateur 45 x 107 slides. All of the glass slides are tape bound with a cover glass, and in several instances labeled. Binding has saved the emulsions from the ravages of handling, but makes them unusable in a Taxiphote or Stereodrome. Fortunately, the large original images exhibit excellent detail, even when viewed without magnification. As I understand it, autochromes were often rather dark. To enhance viewing, the examples here have been lightened where necessary. There is crossover between the slides and cards, but it is difficult to decide if he printed all of his slides or just selected examples. Today there are far more cards in the group than glass.

6 x 13mm Glass

Of the labeled examples in this group, all date from 1908. The photographer seemed to divide his shooting between street scenes of daily life and posed family shots. The family shots are posed, and exhibit a less than highly evolved sense of composition. Although he deserves credit for attempting to incoporate depth into his compositions.

Its a little tough to see at this size, but this photo appears to be of dock workers using a crude balance scale to weigh out lumps of coal.

This image is in a little rough shape, but I love the subject. The woman is looking at stereo cards. There is a viewer on the table, with additional cards stacked just in front. Could this 95 year old photo contain some of the very same cards now in my collection? This parlor appears again in the Autochrome and stereo card sections.

8.5 x 17cm Glass

In the interests of file size/load times I have shrunk these down to the same size as the 6 x 13s. The original images, of course, are much larger and exhibit tremendous detail.


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