An Expedition to Recover Tanks

Photographers, label your slides! This interesting set accompanied a lovely le Polyphote viewing cabinet. The Polyphote can display either 6 x 13, or 45 x 107 format slides. The photos here are actually 45 x 107, but have been mounted in metal 6 x 13 masks. I have cropped the images together to maximize detail when free viewed. The sequence here is a combination of slide numbering and logic. The last slide is conveniently labeled "100." It is reasonable to assume the gentleman is the photographer and owner of the slides and viewer. Perhaps he carried 100 plates, and saved this photo for last. The negatives for the three actual photos of recovery work appear to have been damaged, and these do not look like first generation prints. Could they have been produced by someone else, and added to this set to give a more complete narrative? We shall never know. The last parade photo seems out of sequence, but is placed there based on numbering. The French officer in white is laying a sword over the shoulder of the person being honored. I am ignorant of such things, but he appears to me to be wearing religious garments. The camp looks like every Hollywood movie of a British army camp I have ever seen, Although, for all I know, it could well be a French camp. It would be reasonable to assume the gentleman in the last photo is our photographer, and intrepid traveler. The wood structure on the right of the third photo, well, that would be the "facilities" aboard ship.

Military Parade

French Officer WWI

Renault FT Tank WWI