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Repair or Restore?

California has gained a reputation for devastating wild fires. Although I always loved watching the bombers, the circumstances under which they operate are unfortunate. The tanker crews deserve a lot of credit. It's a dangerous job under the best of circumstances.

CDF Air Tankers

Sadly, one of the P3 Orions which flew out of Santa Barbara crashed up north several years ago. I don't recall off hand if it was this one, or another aircraft.

PB4Y2 Privateer T-123

The venerable PB4Y2. This shot was taken in July of 1999. That summer, the plane blew a tire on landing, and later lost an engine on takeoff. Tragicaly, on 7/18/02 while engaged in an air drop, T-123 suffered a catastrophic wing failure and was lost. Crewmen Rick Schwartz and Milt Stollak were killed in the accident.

P2 Neptune CDF Tanker 16

Starting engines on the Aero-Union P2 Neptune. No jets on this tanker. This shot had a real flare problem (induced by the Verascope F40 camera I was using). I've done what I can to match the two images.