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In one of life's great ironies, my love of aviation never translated into a love of flying. Besides, I can waste more than enough money on cars.

Renault Formula 1

The Renault garage at Indianapolis. This shot was taken on the Thursday prior to the 2004 US Grand Prix. After the guy on the right pressurized the pneumatic system and injected certain other exotic substances, one of the technicians hit the enter button on computer, and magically, the engine started.

Here we are at Watkins Glen for the Vintage GP weekend, and the Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy, all MG race. After my buddy bluffed his way to the front of the line, we lead a procession from the track to the middle of down town Watkins Glen for the historic race reenactment. The 1947 MG TC seen here belongs to Denver Cornet. He raced this car, in virtually the same condition, in the original Collier Brothers event in 1948.

Wandering back through the pack while waiting for the start of the race reenactment. Unlike Monterey, where the hoi polloi need not apply, everybody is welcome at Watkins Glen. What they lack in flashy factory sponsored museum cars, they more than make for in hospitality.

One more shot from Victory Lane at the Glen. Don Martine brought his John von Neumann MG TD from California, and finished first among the T-Series in the 40th Anniversary Collier Cup race. This well known West Coast car was originally restored by Al Moss. It is a heavily modified TD. The chassis bears a distinct resemblance to swiss cheese.