W.I. Chadwick Stereo Tailboard Camera

The available literature paints W.I. Chadwick as a great innovator, and even assigns him some credit for re igniting interest in stereo photography with the design of his stereo camera in 1890. Sadly, there isn't photographic evidence available on line to demonstrate his prowess as a camera designer. In fact, there is almost no information of any kind, so all we can do is appreciate what we have here.

In this case, it's a half plate tailboard stereo camera with a lovely set of matched Chadwick stereo lenses, and an equally beautiful Chadwick landscape lens on a mono lens board. Although clearly made for a camera exactly like this, the flap shutter's condition and maker's label are different than the camera itself, so it's most likely from another set. Several available references note stereo kits were equipped with a Thornton Pickard roller blind shutter. If this outfit had one originally, it would have been an over-the-lenses style, rather than being mounted on the lens board as commonly seen. Also according to the references, this camera was likely made for Chadwick by Billcliff.

WI Chadwick Stereo Camera


Chadwick Camera Flap Shutter


Chadwick Stereo Camera



WI Chadwick



Chadwick Stereo Camera


Chadwick Camera Lens


WI Chadwick Half Plate Camera


Chadwick Camera


Chadwick Landscape Camera Lens


Chadwick Stereo Camera Set


WI Chadwick Maker Manchester

After receiving this camera, I must admit to having been slightly underwhelmed. Lacking some of the fancy aesthetic touches, and deep beautiful wood grain seen on many other cameras, it just did not impress. However, after spending some time looking at its design and construction, I've come to realize the camera does in fact posses some very clever features. It's also a real gem to look at. A fact which just doesn't come through very well in photos.