I was testing a new digital camera as a local warbird pilot was on his way out. While I still feel a stereo Provia transparency blows the doors off digital, I'll freely admit it was nice to shoot a photo and fifteen minutes later have an 8 x 10 on the wall.

Ace photographer at work - half a mile of taxiway and I catch him behind a marker.

You can just barely see a couple wisps of vapor trail off the prop tips. This is unusual for the Santa Ynez Valley. Its generally very dry.

Nice takeoff, but where is my complimentary fly-by?

T28C Trojan Stats:

Wingspan: 41' 1"
Length: 32'
Gross: 6,365 lbs.
Max Speed: 346
Range: 1,060 miles
Service Ceiling: 37,000 ft.
Engine: R1820, 1,420hp

The C model was equipped with a tail hook for carrier operations training.