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Reno 2004

Well, I should be jumping for joy 'cause the Bear won Gold. Although I am extremely happy for the Bear Crew, I'm also pissed because I wasn't there to see it. I mean I wasn't there when they announced Dago had cut a pylon, thus handing the Bear its sixth Unlimited championship. No, this thin skinned Californian was scrambling to get out of the weather. Allow me to point out temperatures had dropped from mid 80s on Friday to mid 40s (plus wind chill and blowing rain/snow) on Sunday. That's just plain wrong.

My last weather check before departing the previous Monday had indicated mid 80s throughout the week. While I was freezing my valuables off in Reno, my nice warm Rare Bear sponsor jacket was hanging at home in a closet. Damn!

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Rare Bear F8F Bearcat Rare Bear F8F Bearcat Rare Bear F8F Bearcat Rare Bear F8F Bearcat Rare Bear F8F Bearcat F7F Tigercat Big Bossman Czechmate Czechmate Dago Red at Reno NCAR Furias Reno 2003 Heritage Flight Kirby Chambliss Reno 2003 Rare Bear and John Penney National Championship Air Races Drakken Skip Holme Dago Red Reno 2003 Gene Soucy Spirit of Texas Sea Fury USAF Thunderbirds USAF Thunderbirds Voodoo P51 Mustang Reno NCAR Voodoo P51 Mustang Reno NCAR