SR-71 Blackbird Stats:

Wingspan: 55' 7"
Length: 105' 5"
Gross: 140,000 lbs.
Speed: Mach 3.2+
Range: 3,200 miles
Service Ceiling: 85,000+ ft.
Engines: P&W J-58, 33,000 lbs thrust

SR-71A serial number 61-7968

The only time I ever got to see a Blackbird flying was from many miles away. Growing up, the SR-71's combination of sinister good looks and real world performance made it one of my favorite planes. Although I've seen the M-21 in Seattle, this was my first up close look at an SR-71, also known as the "Habu."
SR-71 Blackbird
Virginia Aviation Museum

I should have brought a ladder with me. The wings are at near perfect eye level, and the underside is too dark and devoid of contrast to see any detail.

Blackbird Engine Nacel

Shark Attack! I had never noticed the dip in the outer wing panel before. I also love the threadbare tires. I wonder how many of their 25 landing life cycle was remaining.

Pratt & Whitney J-58

P&W J-58 Jet Engine Technical Data

SR-71 Blackbird Engine

It never ceases to amaze me the thought and fabrication effort that goes into complex technology. Imagine first have draw all those pipes, then the tubing bender's art to get them all fabbed up and fitted. This, of course, all came on the heels of figuring out that they needed all this cob web in the first place. It looks like an engineering project run amok.