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Reno 2012 Memorial Service

Not sure what to say about 2012. It was a year of recovery and mixed emotions. Perhaps the most spiritually uplifting aspect of the entire week was watching the reaction of one woman who collected two of the flags meant to honor those who had passed. She took photos on the ramp in front of her box. She took photos with Strega after her win. She hugged Mike Houghton, the President and CEO of RARA. With her implicit permission, we were all able to enjoy the races. 2013 will be the 50th anniversary. I can hardly wait.


Argonaught Sea Fury Reno


Furias Sea Fury


Sawbones Sea Fury Reno


Furias Reno Air Races 2012


Furias Matt Jackson


F7F Tigercat Reno Air Races


Steven Hinton Strega Reno 2012

Once it was realized they had a gear problem, Matt Jackson was asked what he wanted to do. The answer was something like "Well, we may as well go ahead and qualify."Furias Reno Air Races 2012


Airbisquit Reno Air Races


P-51 Mustang Reno Air Races


Valley of Speed Reno 2012


232 Reno High G Ridge


Rare Bear 232 Sea Fury


High G Ridge Reno 2012


Kent Peich Reno 2012

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