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T28C Trojan

Reno 2003

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Hawker Sea Fury

Camarillo, CA
Air Show 2004

Camarillo, CA
Air Show 2005

Chino, CA
Air Show 2005

SR-71 Blackbird

Jimmy Leeward

National Championship Air Races 2011


About the Crash

2011 was shaping up to be a high water mark in the Gold Unlimited class. As everyone well knows, it was not to be. Sitting roughly 50 feet from the point of impact, 2011 will forever be etched in my psyche. To read about the crash, follow the link above. Below is a very incomplete record of the 2011 races. with the cancellation, there were places I would have gone, and photos I would have taken, but they will forever be missing. As always with me, there's no pit action. I shoot the pits in stereo. When (if) we get there technologically, I'll spend my retirement scanning in the ten year's worth of 3D photos I've taken to date, plus all the shots I hope to get in future.


Reno AT-6 Big Red

Merlin's Magic Reno Air Races

Dreadnaught Reno Home Pylon

Sanders Argonaught Sea Fury

The Galloping Ghost

The Galloping Ghost

FW-190 Reno Air Races

The Galloping Ghost 2011

Blue Angels Bearcat

Reno Unlimiteds 2011

Rod Lewis Tigercat Reno 2011

Rod Lewis La Patrona Tigercat

The Galloping Ghost Reno 2011

Boise Bee P-51C Mustang

USAF Thunderbirds

John Penny Stu Dawson Rare Bear


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