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Camarillo, CA
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National Championship Air Races 2011


Steadfast Reno 2011

Rare Bear Reno 2011

Precious Metal 2011

Galloping Ghost Reno 2011

USAF Thunderbirds Reno 2011

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Jet Class Reno 2011


Patriots Airshow Team

F2g Super Corsair Reno 2011

Boise Bee Reno 2011

F2G Corsair Bob Odegaard

Reno Home Pylon Jets

Strega Reno 2011

Rare Bear Stu Dawson

The Galloping Ghost

Galloping Ghost Reno Crash

Galloping Ghost Jimmy Leeward

I wish this last shot was simply a bad try at shooting the Ghost in level flight. However, if one looks at the reflection of the ground in the spinner, the fact is it's coming down in a near vertical dive. This was probably taken within a second of striking the ground. My write up of the incident can be found here.

Reno Crash Box Seats

The remains of our box.