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Why keep going back to Reno year after year? Because just when you thought the races had settled down into a nice calm sameness, everything changes. For the last few years people have been decrying the "Superstock Sea Fury" class which Unlimited Silver and Gold had become. Well, this year not one Fury was flying come Sunday - not even the Buick. From this gallery, one could conclude there was nothing but Unlimiteds at Reno, and the pit area doesn't exist. Once again you would be wrong. I did take photos of the other classes, it's just they don't really appeal to me. I'm there for the warbirds. The pits do appeal to me, but I always shoot the pits in stereo, and until everybody has a 3D monitor, there's not much point in spending the inordinate amount of time it takes to scan and present stereo slides.


Reno Air Races 2010

Your tax dollars at work, the V-22 Osprey. I wish our brave warriors all the best, and hope this machine proves worth the investment, but I just can't help seeing it as nothing more than a big fat target.


Reno Air Races 2010


Jimmy Leeward Galloping Ghost

It's tea time!


Reno Air Races 2010

RARA was pushing their High-G Club. I gave it a try, but would still rather pay even more, sign away my life, and shoot from a spot inside the pylons.


Reno Air Races 2010


Reno Air Races 2010

They sell it on the basis of being above the course, but there are precious few opportunities to actually shoot photos from above the racers.


Reno Air Races 2010.


Rare Bear F8F Bearcat


Brant Seghetti P-51 Mustang Sparky


The Galloping Ghost at Reno


Reno T6 Class 2010



Jets are easier to shoot. Just crank up the shutter speed.


Steven Hinton P-51 Mustang Strega

Strega would have been tough to beat, again, this year. They seem to have reliability down at this point, but who knows how much Rare Bear and the Ghost were holding in reserve.


Reno Air Races 2010


Steadfast at Reno 2010

Steadfast is still looking for that magic 400 mph lap. What a shame, circumstances put them in the Gold, but they never got their chance to race.


Reno Air Races 2010


Will Whiteside Voodoo Reno 2010

Imagine if Voodoo goes boil-off in 2011. That would make two scoopless Mustangs racing together next year. Don't think that has ever happened before.


Reno Air Races 2010


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