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USS Ronald Reagan Friends & Family DAy

USS Ronald Reagan Friends & Family Cruise, July 23, 2015.


MH-60 Seahawk



Arresting gear engine - converting mass and velocity into heat and noise. Just ask the crew member who lives near one.


Yep, even now, the classic analogue Ouija board rules the deck. Although, it might be more correct to say the board helps plan and track activity on the deck.


Coming back into port, that's the Stennis ahead. The bow of the Carl Vinson can just be seen on the right.


Can I park that for you? Heading straight for its berth, the ship had to be turned 90 degrees to port, and backed up. Captain Christopher Bolt, center, and the harbor pilot, left, giving orders to the tugs via radio. Each man worked seemingly in isolation, and yet they both had to issue the right commands at the right moments. Success of the maneuver can be judged by the fact there was no perceptible movement on the flight deck. It was almost as though the world slowly rotated and moved about the ship.



USS John C. Stennis, again. Would've taken a shot like this of the Reagan, but they don't make selfie sticks that long.



End of a great day. Back in port, the Reagan vomits tourists.


The pointy end of the pointy end of the spear. For all you do to protect our freedom, thank you US Navy!

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