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Five, count 'em, five P-38s in the air together.

As ever, Chino is a great show for warbird fans, although this year, at least on Saturday, they did not perform the usual show ending gaggle flight. There was a rumor they didn't have enough pilots. Too bad I didn't stay in the right hotel overnight. Otherwise, I would have been happy to help. My one complaint about the show, other than the sun, which cannot be relocated, is where they park the aircraft. In years gone by, the non-static aircraft were parked together on in a large ramp area to the west of the static displays. Lately they've taken to parking the planes in front of the crowd. That's fine unless you want to actually see the airplanes flying by. For us graphers of photos, it's an effing nightmare. Please Mr. Steve, please rethink this setup.


P-40C P-26 Chino


P-40C P-26 2013 Chino Air Show


Bristol Centaurus Chino


P-38 Lightning Thoughts of Midnight


CAF Spitfire MkXIV


Corsairs at Chino


A6M Zero Chino Air Show


F4U Corsair Chino


CAF Beacat Chino CA


F4U-4 Corsair Chino Air Show