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Monterey Motorsports Reunion

To me they're the Historics. Always were, always will be. Having said that, my last successful visit was in the 1980s. By successful visit, I mean years in which I actually made it to the races, as opposed to a few years ago when I went, but fell and broke a rib at the Baja Cantina on the Thursday night before. Now they're charging money to park in the lot, so another pre race event crossed off the calendar. Was only there for a day and a half this year. Of that I wasted several hours in the pits, doing pit like things. There was a lot more to see, but one can only cover so much ground.

Alfa Romeo TZ. This car was racing when I last visited the Historics back in the middle '80s.
Alfa Romeo TZ Monterey Motosrports Reunion


Bentleys Laguna Seca


Leif Jacobsen making his debut at Monterey in his family's 1934 MG NA. Leif is the third generation to race the car, originally purchased by his grandfather and modified for racing.
Leif Jacobsen 1934 MG NA


National Monterey Motorsports Seunion


1914 Mercedes 18/100 Grand Prix


Pete Thelander in his 1934 MG NE Magnette.
MG NE Pete Thelander


Leif Jacobsen Monterey Motorsports Reunionn


Frazer Nash TT Replica Monterey


Nationals Laguna Seca 2014


Maserati 250F Laguna Seca 2014


2014 Monterey Motorsports reunion


Maserati 250F


ERA Laguna Seca 2014

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