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Friends of Triumph at The Mitty 2012

The FoT race for 2012 was held in conjunction with The Mitty vintage races, at Road Atlanta. Although it was great to see a grid full of Triumphs, and in particular,
the Kastner/Brock TR250K being run in anger, the highlight of the weekend for me was meeting Richard Taylor and Neil Estes. Richard is the man who along with
his friend Pat Epps, began the reclamation project which ended with a WWII P-38 Lightning fighter(now named Glacier Girl) being brought up from almost 300
feet below a Greenland glacier. To anyone who feels there is a preponderance of TR4s in my photos, you're right!


Porsche 911 Road Atlanta


Triumph TR4


Tony Drews TR4 Vintage Race


Jerry Barker Spitfire F-Production Champion


TR4 Friends of Triumph


Road Atlanta


Kastner/Brock TR-250K


TR4 Road Atlanta Mitty Vintage Race

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