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Canadian Grand Prix F1 Pilot's Parade

Pictures are from the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. This was a rare opportunity to do something really fun. A giant thanks to Roger Hamel and all the members of Le Club Austin Healey du Québec. The Healey was a loaner for the event, and we drew lots for the drivers. I got Daniel Ricciardo, a personable chap from down under, and currently a member of the Scuderia Toro Rosso team. Kimi was in the car behind us. Each time we entered one of the grandstand areas the crowd went nuts for Kimi. At least it gives something for Ricciardo to aspire to.


Austin Healey 100-6 Canadian Grand Prix


Canadian Grand Prix F1 Pilot's Parade 2013


Canadian GP Montreal Canada


Vettel Kimi Alonso Canadian GP 2013


Fernando Alonso F1 Pilot's Parade 2013


Kimi Raikkonen Canadian Grand Prix 2013


Austin Healay 2013 Canada GP


Canadian GP Webber Alonso


Canadian Grand Prix 2013


Felipe Massa Canadian GP 2013


Mercedes Canadian Grand Prix 2013


Fernando Alons Ferrari Canada 2013


Montreal Old Town

Imagine my dissapointment when this turned out to be maple syrup instead of booze. I know street vendors don't often sell booze, but it was Canada after all.Montreal Maple Syrup


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